Complexity Isn’t Your Problem

Your sales tools are

Problems with your sales tools? It may not be your technology, it could be that people aren’t using it. More than two-thirds of companies struggle to raise CRM adoption rates above 50%. Fewer than 10% have effective usage levels above 70%. (SOURCE: / Neochange study). But study after study shows how important these systems are.

One way to increase their effectiveness is to incorporate sales payment information to the system, according to a recent Aberdeen study. This not only puts information sales cares about into the CRM system that can improve performance, it also helps align sales and company goals. The study found that top earning companies were 52 percent more likely to deploy a sale compensation with a CRM system.

Cascade Orthopedic is just one of the companies that found more sales reps logged into the CRM system after it added sales compensation information to the mix using Xactly Express to automate sales compensation for the growing business. Today, their reps receive daily sales compensation updates through the system.

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