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Stop pouring money down the drain!

If you have been hesitant to look at cloud business applications, then this industry seminar is one you can’t miss.

Join FinancialForce.com, Xactly and our expert panel to discover how moving to cloud systems can reshape your business and your career

  • Gary Simon, Managing Editor, FSN Newswire
  • Katie Guest, WW Sales Operations Project Manager, Carestream Health
  • Jamie Thomas, Financial Controller, Qubit Digital
  • Nick Cotterill, Financial Director & Company Secretary, Sunday Sport

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Hear real-life success stories from your peers on how on how cloud applications have helped them quickly grow revenue and increase productivity in areas such as financial systems, commissions and incentives tracking.

Sponsored by FinancialForce.com and Xactly, this event will be hosted by Gary Simon, Managing Editor of FSN Newswire. Join us to hear:

   Gary's unique perspectives on cloud computing 
   Shared stories on moving to cloud applications 
   How to take your business systems into the cloud
   The costs savings and benefits to your business 

Hesitate no more. Can you afford to do nothing? 

Tuesday, 3rd December, 09:00 - 11:00
RSA, 8 John Adam Street, 
London WC2N 6EZ